Cynthia Cranmer-Erb
Founder, CEO

With a background that includes Investment Banking, Custom Home Design and Real Estate Development, Cynthia pairs her experience with an entrepreneurial insight to successfully achieve significant goals for the projects under Talmont’s management.  Having obtained a degree in Architecture from U.C. Berkeley and with work experience in all aspects of residential planning and design, Cynthia enjoys communicating design intent both in the field and the boardroom.

Whether it’s building a custom home or working on a multi-family entitlement project, one of Cynthia’s greatest skills is the ability to overcome obstacles in order to obtain the best outcome. “Talmont was formed with the idea that successful architectural design projects, whether it be custom homes or real estate entitlement ventures, should be managed through a cohesive process.  With Talmont, we are able to take our projects from paper to vertical form without the interruptions typically found when the process is segmented.  We are fortunate to be able to provide our clients with a team of uniquely talented people who will always find an elegant and investment conscious design path.” 


Mason Wodhams
Co-Founder, Principal Architect

Mason helped to co-found Talmont and provides our projects with an additional layer of knowledge from his background in Architecture and Engineering.  As a manager of both architectural projects as well as entitlement services, Mason is able to properly align inspired design with the features needed to enhance real estate holdings.

Mason is a registered California Architect and received his degree in architecture from U.C. Berkeley,  and is Leed G.A.  As he guides the design team through the process from start to finish his management style allows for creative interaction with the best results for our clients. “We always work to create significant opportunities in the complex interaction between investment goals and inspired design. Our clients provide us with their vision as the template and we take that vision and give it meaningful and inspired form.”


Associates & Staff

Lisa Linford
Senior Design Associate


Tim Ward
Consulting Architect

don davis 2.jpg

Don Davis
Executive Director of Construction Services


Easton McAllister
Consulting Engineer